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Contact: Marsha Vargas Handley

on-line gallery opened: 06 Jul. 2007
Updated: 13 Feb. 2017 (Gallery1: Asia: China)        Updated: 24 Jul. 2015 (Gallery2: Asia: India)        Updated: 17 Jul. 2015 (Gallery3: Asia: Japan)        Updated: 12 Dec. 2011 (Gallery4: Oceania)        

Asia: China

Asia: China Chinese neolithic ceramics to Qing dynasty snuff bottles are among the many treasures in the Xanadu Gallery collections.

Asia: India

Asia: India From classical Gandharan sculpture to nineteenth century Rajasthani carvings and traditional textiles, Xanadu Gallery presents a wide and diverse collection of Indian art and antiquities.

Asia: Japan

Asia: Japan Extensive collection of fine antique netsuke and related items including gold lacquer inro, pipecases and tonkotsu. Japanese woodblock prints from Hiroshige to Yoshida are available as well as a select group of ceramics, bronzes and other decorative works of art.


Oceania Extensive collections from Papau New Guinea including warshields, ritual objects, shell ornaments as well as a very select group of Western Australian aboriginal objects.

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